Born and raised in Southern California, Cayce studied music during both years in middle school focusing primarily on drums. At age seventeen, strongly influenced by rock music while deeply inspired by the growing global electronic music scene, he acquired a workstation keyboard and began diligently teaching himself to compose and produce music.

In 2002, he began his career as a freelance performer, traversing the United States while playing percussion with numerous DJs, musicians and performers in cities such as New York, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Tucson, Boston, and San Francisco while maintaining multiple residencies at various nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip.

In 2007, after three years of focused and secretive writing and rehearsing, Cayce Andrew (vocals and percussion), Chuck Nicks (guitar), Michael Boyer (bass) and Aaron Holton (drums) emerged as "Decibel Output", a four-piece Las Vegas-based rock quartet whose sound combined psychedelic melodies, odd time signatures, distorted guitars, and intricate live percussion. The band played a number of shows in Las Vegas and Boulder City before disbanding only a year later.

Along with an eclectic group of artists and performers from numerous Las Vegas productions, in 2008 Cayce was asked to participate as a musician and stage performer in "The Art Of Prostitution", a production written and produced by Cirque Du Soleil performer Wassa Coulibaly. The production, based on true events, boldly focused on exploring the beauty and stigma behind prostitution and sexuality.

Also in 2008, Cayce joined Las Vegas DJ, music producer and film director Jimmie Gonzalez, a.k.a. "Speedy”, in creating, "Cinema Therapy", a multi-sensory audio / visual production blending electronic dance music, cult film and live performance. During the production, Cayce appears on stage as a striking, demonic figure known as "The Red Man" while improvising rhythms to Speedy's music. Cayce has made not only numerous cameos on stage during Speedy's production, but also during Speedy's film screenings as well as in his music videos and short films.

While spending time in San Francisco and Berkeley in late 2009, Cayce was invited to appear in a number of episodes of "Better Bad News", an online political satire show aimed at mocking mainstream media and corporate culture in a panel discussion format.

In 2010, Cayce was asked to demonstrate not only his musical, but also his comedic abilities in a number of skits which he would compose and contribute to the "1230 Show", a Las Vegas based, European-style, late-night clown show created by Cirque Du Soleil performers, Benedikt Negro and Brett Alters.

In late 2010, Cayce independently released his first solo EP "The Antidote", a collection of four original songs which he had written and recorded a year previously (the EP was re-released under Digital Lab Records in 2012). In early 2011, only a few months following his debut release, Cayce independently released "The Antidote Remixed", a four-track EP of remixes by Metaphase, wonkknow, Glenn A.D. and Jonny Vibe based on the the songs of "The Antidote". That same year, Cayce would team up with wonkknow again to release "As You Face West", a single based on an original collaboration between the two artists. Also later that year, Cayce would contribute a track to Candy Warpop's "Post Op-Lollipop" remix EP and another remix to DJ Koja's "Fetish" EP after being selected as a winner of Koja’s online remix competition. In 2012, Cayce contributed a track to Cu Dubh's remix album "ReOrder Of The Owl". In early 2013, Cayce co-produced Pale Antique's debut single "Facteur Divin", which also featured a remix from Cayce upon release. 2014 saw the independent release of the single “False Future”, which was a collaboration between Cayce and Dutch musician and music producer Sunaivod.

In the spring of 2012, Cayce was invited to become a contributor to "in ALL caps", a Las Vegas based music blog which he has used to spotlight the artistic endeavors of his musical colleagues.

In late 2012, Cayce debuted the unique audio / visual spectacle known as "Hi-Fi Reactor", at The Royal House in Las Vegas. The show is described as "…a driving and kinetic multi-media production fusing experimental electronic sounds, intricate, live music and stunning visuals". The project was essentially designed by Cayce to exhibit his music production to a live crowd while simultaneously creating a platform where he could collaborate with other respected performing artists.

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